Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve...

Our family is not celebrating a typical New Years for 2011. One of my daughters is getting married on Tuesday, so we'll be all together for the holiday! We're so scattered that it's pretty rare for us to all be in one place. This visit will be extra special, since it's the holidays and there are two new babies for everyone to meet. Can you tell that I'm a little excited?

New Years Day was never a big deal in my house when I was a child. We always took down our Christmas tree on the 1st, and once or twice we had a nice meal, when my mother didn't have to work. I was an adult with two children before I learned that some people have special foods that they eat every New Years Day.

When my children's Aunt Lizzy (yes, she of angel fame) was dating he who would become her hubby, he offered to cook dinner for New Years Eve. He loves to cook, and served his mission in Southern Italy. He prepared a meal that we still remember fondly to this day (spaghetti carbonara, stuffed peppers and a special cake), and thus our New Years tradition was born. Uncle B cooked for us every December 31 until we all began to migrate to the four corners of the earth.

For the last several years, New Years has been a very quiet evening for my hubby and me. We're not into crowds or partying, so I usually make a savory snack or two to eat with some Dr. Pepper (the only true and living soft drink. I love that stuff!), while we watch movies or play games until midnight.

I don't usually follow recipes, and seldom make any dish the same way twice, but here is my method for a zesty dip for two, using my Lil Dipper crockpot.
  • Place 1/2 block of cream cheese in the dipper, along with some vegetables.
  • I usually use some green onion, some spinach, and some garlic, and what ever else I have that might go well.
  • Marinated artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes or mushrooms often find their way into my dips.
  •   Cover the dipper and heat for about an hour.
  •  Once the cream cheese is soft and the vegetables have wilted a bit, add about 1/2 cup sour cream, and whatever cheese you like. I usually used about 1/4 cup grated mozzarella and 2 TBSP freshly grated parmesan.

  • Cover and cook another half to one hour, until cheese is melted. Serve with chips, crackers, bread dippers (I used pita bread) or raw vegetable dippers.

 Bon appetit! And Happy New Year!


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  1. From the first picture, I was wondering where you were going with this dip. Then, by the time I got to the last one, I wanted to jump through the screen. That looks SO GOOD!

    I'm the same way about NYD foods. Who knew about black-eyed peas?

    Happy New Year to you and hope you have a great time this week with family.



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