About Us

I'm a newly married, empty nester mother of 6 and Tutu to 3 (almost 4), step mother to a 12 year old, starting over in a new job, new home, new life... I love to knit, can do very simple sewing and am an accomplished baker. I've never had any formal training and am self-taught in all of my endeavors. 
Trial and error can be a powerful teacher!

I'm blessed to be a SAHM to an awesome 5 year old boy, a sweet 21 month old girlie, and my darling 2 month old baby girl!  I craft during naptimes to keep the crazies away, and I fear no craft! I am self taught in most of my crafting, so feel free to point and giggle at my technique! I do a little bit of everything, but I am most fond of crafting for boys and big guys ... since there seems to be a lot less for them!