Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Belated Christmas Countdown

So, I am a week behind in posting this but, its better late than never!

Since I was a young child, my mom {~jan} had a wonderful way to countdown the days til Christmas. It has become a tradition that I carry on in my home as well and it goes over with the little one VERY well!

Christmas Books.

My mom combined children's love of being read to & opening presents and our countdown was born. 

24 books are wrapped up {usually in homemade wrapping paper} and put under the tree...our only presents under the tree til Christmas day.

Every night before bed my siblings & I took turns unwrapping a book of choice and having a parent read it as our bedtime we got older and learned the books by heart it became fun to try and guess which book we were opening and we each had our favorites.
As a young mom of one, I have started this tradition and 3 days into December, it has been a big hit with my 2 year old!

Barnes & Noble has some great books {of course} but it can be pricey to buy all 24 there. Ask your parents for hand-me down books. Also check your local $1 store and JoAnns...I bought some there for a dollar & they are perfect for a 2 year old level!

Its not too late to start this year...Or keep this in mind for the years to come!
Thanks mom for a great holiday tradition!

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  1. Book orders from school supplied me with many many books - I now have over 50.


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