Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Eve Cookies

Last year was the first year I left cookies out for Santa {in my adult life.} My daughter was just old enough to understand {somewhat} the concept of Santa.
We decorated sugar cookies together and I held my breathe {being a perfectionist} and let her go at it, discovering the joys of frosting and sprinkles.
I kept to my whimsical [or Dr. Suess as I call it] theme of red & BRIGHT green... and the cookies turned out great!

 However, this year I want to wow Santa and make a cookie recipe that will leave him wanting more;) 
{dont get me wrong, sugar cookies & chocolate chip cookies are fabulous!} BUT, if you have a recipe that you love and are willing to share with me PLEASE leave a comment and/or link!

Next week I will feature the recipe that I will be making on Christmas Eve...that will be sure to leave my St. Nick one happy boy:]


  1. Fun cookies from last year! I just posted about the cookies I have been making this year. There are photos and recipes http://onecraftyme.blogspot.com/2010/12/mmmmmm-cookies.html

  2. My two favorite recipes this year:



  3. We featured you over at Sassy Sites today for our homemade stocking round up! Come by and check it out! xoxo!


  4. I like rosette cookies. But you need rosette irons for those. Also danish wedding cookies with pecans are mmm mmm so good.

    Have you considered doing something a little different from cookies. Say...rice crispy treats shape like wreaths and decorated with red hots and colored jimmies?



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