Monday, December 13, 2010


Ever since I have had kids, the Nativity has become my very favorite Christmas decoration. 

It is kind of hard to to keep figurines and statues in the house with small children. I kind of like to keep Christmas {kid-friendly}. I have a small porcelain Nativity set which goes way up high, and a small resin one that I leave low so the kids can play with it. 

The way I display the Nativity is this: I replace every family picture in our home with a Nativity picture during the month of December. Some are pictures I have bought, some were gifts, others have been clipped from magazines, some came as Christmas cards. The other eleven months of the year, I store the Nativity pictures behind the pictures of our family.

This has been a fun way to emphasize Christ as the center of Christmas for our family. 

<3 AmberLou

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