Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Canned Leftover Turkey Soup

Every Thanksgiving, after the last of the leftover turkey has been stuck in the refrigerator, I am stuck with this.

I don't like to toss it, because there is a {LOT} of meat on this guy, and I don't really like to make soup, because it makes more than my family of 3 and a baby can eat.

This year, I decided to can turkey soup. It was so easy, and super yummy!

First, boil down your turkey carcass. I added about 10 quarts of water to my roaster oven with the carcass and cooking juices, and set it for 350 for about 5 hours.

Then I pulled out the turkey, stuck it on a cookie sheet and removed all the meat, which I stuck back in the roaster.

I put the roaster outside overnight (in the freezing temperature) and in the morning, the fat had all risen to the top and I was able to easily remove it.

I wanted to make turkey vegetable soup, but you could easily make this with beans, rice or noodles.

I chopped carrots, celery, onions and garlic, and filled my jars 1/2 full with vegetables. Then I added a large ladleful of turkey meat, and topped it off with turkey broth, leaving about 1" headspace. I added a teaspoon of salt to each quart.

I processed each batch at 13 lbs for 75 minutes.
(look up the prossessing directions for soup for your altitude)

This looks amazing, and tastes even better!

My favorite recipe for this (so far) is turkey pot-pie. Pour a quart of soup into a casserole, top with homemade biscuits (or those refrigerated store-bought kind) and bake. The flour in the biscuits thickens the broth into gravy, and it is {oh} so yummy!

I used the carcass from one 35 lb turkey, 5 pounds of carrots, 3 big celery, 7 large onions, and 1 large clove of garlic, and this yielded 20 quarts of turkey vegetable soup.

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  1. Your potpie recipe sounds wonderful! This is a great idea. I still have a container of soup from last year's turkey in my freezer, but I'm sure I'd have used it if I'd done this. I would have used fewer carrots (like none) and some potatoes, but that's just me, the orange vegetable hater...

  2. Love the pot pie recipe. I made several quarts of soup with the leftovers, but I love an alternative way to utilize them.

  3. Soup looks yummy!
    Thanks for linking to A Round Tuit.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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