Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Boy's Snake Tie

Have you seen this great craft? 

It was everywhere a few weeks ago, and I thought to myself, "{Self}, how fun would it be to reverse that, and make the tie a tie {AND} a snake?"

"You're right, {self}! That would be sooo groovy!"

For this super cute little snake tie, You will need:

1/8 yard polyester, or a cotton-poly blend
1/8 yard unbleached muslin, for lining
1/8 yard iron on interfacing
ribbon and buttons -or- googly eyes for the snake face (optional. You could just make a super cute tie and skip the snake face, if you'd prefer)
one of Dad's ties for a pattern (don't worry! we won't hurt it!)

A word about {polyester}: I don't love it. It is icky and hard to sew. BUT if you want your tie to slide properly, you need to use material that is at least partially synthetic. {Sorry}. :( 

This tie was for my four year old. I made it 40 inches. To determine the best length tie for the {little boy} in your life, the best thing to do is to tie Daddy's tie onto him, and measure how much extra tie is hanging off the back. Subtract this length from the tie when you cut it out. 

Mark Daddy's tie with a pin to the desired length of your little boy tie

Iron your interfacing to the unbleached muslin, and layer with your {polyester} fabric. 

Pin Daddy's tie on top

Cut out the tie, leaving at least a half inch gap between Daddy's tie and your cut line. Like this:

At the little end, of the tie, be sure to flip Daddy's tie over, so you don't cut it! (I promised him his tie would be unharmed!)

Cut the little end of the tie into a point

Now pin the two pieces (polyester, and muslin/interfacing) right sides together, and sew the small V.

Cut a 2" section of ribbon and pin between the layers of the big V, with the length pointing in, and sew the big V.

Turn your tie right side out and press the Vs.

(Cut your ribbon into a little forked tongue. {Do it!} So cute!)

Make sure you have your iron set to a fairly low temperature, as synthetic material will burn and melt and get all yucky if you get it too hot!

Next, stitch your tie, right sides out, down both long ends

Pin right sides together, 

And sew the back seam. 

Press the back seam open, like this. 

Now turn Mr. Snakey right side out. A pair of {clean} needle nose pliers is invaluable for this step!

Once Mr. Snakey is turned right side out, press well. {Very well}. Make him flat! 

I used craft glue to attach Mr. Snakey's eyes, but you could also sew on some small black buttons, or stitch on some eyes with embroidery thread.  

Get your hubby to tie your tie on a sweet little boy, (or if you are super Mom, tie it yourself) and set him loose to bug all of the little girls in church. 

{The Paisley Cupcake cannot be responsible for damage caused by little boys chasing little girls while wearing Mr. Snakey tie. We do not recommend Mr. Snakey be worn at weddings or funerals. 
-end disclaimer-}

Stay tuned, we'll announce the winner of the Newsboy Cap giveaway later today!

<3 AmberLou

I shared this tutorial at these parties


1. What is your favorite restaurant? 
Anything not chain. I love local Mom & Pop diners
2. What kind of music do you like? 
Country and Reggae
3. What do you watch on TV? 
Don't have it  :D (If I did, I wouldn't get any crafting done!)
4. Do you enjoy reading and if so what kind of 
books do you read? 
I love reading, and will read anything. My favorite author is Amy Tan... or Steinbeck...
5. What is your favorite color? 


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