Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Boy's Swim Trunks

My four year old is taking swim lessons this summer, and the swim trunks he got for his birthday are a {touch} too big. 
It's his own fault for being so skinny, and they look just fine... but I have these visions of them slipping off in the pool, and all the little girls pointing and laughing... my poor boy! 

I decided a new pair of trunks would be much cheaper than intensive {therapy}, so here we go!

You will need:  

A pair of shorts that fit your child nicely 
(no worries! we won't hurt them!)

1/2 yard of {super-cute} swimsuit fabric 
(You could use less-than-super-cute fabric, but for obvious reasons, the end result would be... not as cute)

I have no idea what this fabric is called. 
I went to a fabric store and felt fabric until I found some that felt like a swimsuit. You could do that, or you could ask the nice ladies at the fabric store where it is and what it's called. I didn't have this option, since Herr Handsome was with me and I didn't want to {embarrass} him by asking for directions...

1" elastic, (or whatever width you feel like using) enough to go around your child's waist

Step 1

Fold your shorts in half. Fold your fabric in half. Lay the shorts straight side out on the fold of the fabric.

Step 2

Cut out the shorts. Make sure to stretch the top out so you have plenty of room for the elastic, and leave ample room at the waist and inseam for casing and hem. (Also, I like swim trunks to be a little longer than regular shorts...)  

Use the cut out piece as a pattern to cut a second one, so you have 2. 

(You know, there is probably a way to do this in one step, if you fold the fabric like... in 1/4ths?... I cannot wrap my head around that right now, though. )

(Side note: Do you {L-O-V-E} my rotary mat? 
I do! 60% off at JoAnn's! Her name is Mathilde!) 
(Another side note: does it miff anyone else that JoAnn's is able to have a 50% off sale every other weekend and still make a profit? What the heck kind of mark-up do they add to crafting supplies that they are able to do that? If JoAnn wasn't so {FABULOUS}, I'd be tempted to boycott her! Okay! Back to the project!)

Step 3

Stick the two pieces right sides together, and pin the 
crotch and rear parts... like this

Sew the crotch an rears together...

Step 4 

Lay the shorts out flat like this

and pin from the crotch down the inseam on both sides

now {sew} it!

You now have a pair of un-hemmed, un-elastic-ed shorts!

Step 5

Sew a casing about 1 1/4" wide (or wide enough to fit whatever size elastic you're using). Slide the elastic through, and have the 
{sweet little boy} in your life try them on, so you can fit the elastic to his waist. 

(Alternately, you could put in {eyelets} and a drawstring for a more "beachy" feel, but I'm not feelin' it today.) :D

Step 6

Sew the elastic together securely (so it doesn't come undone mid-swim and traumatize your little guy!) and sew the casing shut.

Step 7

Hem the legs. Try to keep them more or less the same length (remember, we're trying to {avoid} embarrassment, here!)

Step 8 

{Play} !

<3 AmberLou

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