Thursday, September 2, 2010

What to do with a scaley shower head...

This is what my shower head was looking like. When the holes fill in with hard water scales, the water is forced out of other holes at a skin piercing rate of speed. The pressure of just a few working holes actually hurts.
My solution is to use distilled vinegar to break up the hard water scales. In the past, I took the shower head off and soaked it in the sink, however, unless you use plumbers tape to put the shower head back on, you might not get a complete seal and then the water leaks and limits the perfect pressure of water.

So...begin by putting a rubberband over the shower head onto the 'arm' of the fixture, and looping it several times till it is almost tight (it is much easier to put the rubberband on first instead of trying to get it over a full baggie of vinegar with hand). Pour vinegar into a plastic baggie and slide it onto the shower head. Slide the rubberband down the arm until it is securely holding the bag in place. Pull up the baggie so it is gathered above the top of the rubberband and the vinegar is covering the entire shower head where water exits the fixture. If it isn't covering the exit holes, just keep tugging at the plastic gathers until the vinegar adjusts to where you need it.
Leave the baggie on the shower head for about an hour. Spend this time cruising through past Paisley Cupcake posts and enjoy the leisure time while vinegar is doing your hard work. The crusty scales will often fall off into the vinegar during this time. If you still have the presence of scales, just use an old toothbrush or scrub brush, scrubbing lightly to dislodge the scales. Rinse with cool water and your hard scale removing job is done for you.

*To minimize waste of vinegar, if you have a hard water ring around the bottom of the bathroom sink, use the vinegar in the baggie for that task. Just plug the sink and pour the vinegar in and let it sit there and do it's job. After the ring has disappeared, pull the plug and rinse.

**Vinegar is also great to help shine up fixtures and stainless steel sinks.

Question? Am I the only one who ALWAYS thinks of Easter eggs while using vinegar?
Happy Thursday...~jan

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  1. Great posting. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Ah yes... the infamous SE Idaho hard water scales. I do remember that. And yes, the smell of vinegar always makes me reminisce on easter eggs.

  3. I do this for my sink sprayer thingy bob too.

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!


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