Thursday, September 9, 2010

Easy Whirly Girly Tutu's

Being so blessed with a granddaughter - who is now 2 1/2 - I started back on the journey of sewing and crafting. I had given it up as I had 3 sons who didn't particularly like homemade clothes and cutesy stuff to take to school. Considering them, it was (and IS) all about the cooking and eating.

But now with a girlie girl around again, I jumped on the band wagon of making tutus. I watched THIS video and colorful tutu's plagued my sewing room last Christmas as I prepared gifts for my great nieces and a sweet 6 year old who adores Tinkerbell.

The process is not sewing, but rather tying strips of tulle onto a ribbon. So simple! Any breathing person can handle this craft.

I made some tutus like this one for a friends wedding in California! Aren't the colors so vibrant for a summer wedding?

Have fun making some for the sweet girls in your life!


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  1. Oh how fun to have a little girl around. I'm sure she'll love her tutus!

  2. How cute and so simple to make, my little girl would love one of these!


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