Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchen Gadget Appreciation Week!

Welcome to Kitchen Gadget Appreciation Week
 at The Paisley Cupcake!

All this week we'll be spotlighting the hardworking gadgets and gizmos that make our kitchen work easier and funner!

Meet Gwyneth:

The first time I ever saw a apple corer in use, I was amazed. (I am easily impressed) I had {seen} apple corers before, but it never occurred to me that they actually cored apples as advertised.  I thought they were one of those crappy gimmick items that seemed like a good idea, but were rubbish! {False!}

I received Gwyneth as a Christmas gift from my sister several years ago, (thanks, Kim!) and have used her to cut up apples for my apple loving boy. 

I can eat apples. They are not my favorite, but I'll eat them. I adore pears. I will leap tall buildings with a single bound, and scrub the toilet uncomplaining if a pear is my reward. 
I hate coring pears. It never occurred to me to use Gwyneth to core a pear - after all, she's an {APPLE} corer! 
(In addition to being easily impressed, I am often not very bright) 
Fortunately for me, Herr Handsome walked in on me cussing out a particularly-difficult-to-core pear, and suggested I use Gwyneth! 
(He does not call her Gwyneth. He calls her that apple corer. I think it hurts her feelings.)


You know what else I have discovered Gwyneth is good at?

Chopping hardboiled eggs for egg salad. 

Also, chopping avocados (awful-cados to my four year-old) for guacamole or salads. 

{Double} duh!

Having Gwyneth has taught me to think outside the box for alternative uses for my kitchen tools. 

But no, honey. I will not cut anything with a steak knife except for steak!

<3 AmberLou

Stop by tomorrow to see Amanda's... oh wait, it's a secret. But it's awesome! I have {gadget envy}!

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  1. LOL! Loved this post! I adore kitchen gadgets! One day, when I have my dream kitchen, (which will be ridiculously huge and full of expensive appliances), I will have WAY more gadgets than I have now. In Culinary school, my favorite was my microplane. :)


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