Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicken Parmesan - Gluten Free

I really like Chicken Parmesan and I found THIS great recipe on Kalyn's Kitchen. Because our own Amanda has issues with gluten, I made a slight change to accomodate her special diet. It also changes the carb count - if you are a carb counter. I substituted the bread crumbs for an equal amount of almond meal (finely chopped blanched almonds). I used Bob's Red Mill brand as they were comparable in price to buying whole almonds and whizzing them in the food processor myself, just without the time and extra dishes to wash..
As you can see by comparing my photo with Kalyn's mine isn't as browned and pretty golden. I did not put mine under the broiler at the end of cooking. But it was so delicious and my teen-aged son told me to put it on the permanent menu master list. Happy cooking!



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