Friday, September 10, 2010

So do I get an E for Effort???

So, you may remember my post from a few weeks ago, asking for suggestions on how to repurpose an old bath pouf...

I promised to abide by the results of the poll, which ended up as:

Forget about it, it's garbage, throw it away...20
Of course you should keep it out of the landfill! Find another use for it...26

The suggestions for repurposing ranged from using it as bird netting for my garden, to crocheting it into a kitchen scrubber to making it into a Halloween wreath for my front door.

I have a small container garden on my lanai, and I've considered buying some netting to keep the birds away from my tomatoes, but I got some pinwheels that seem to be doing the job all right. Also, the diameter of the tube of the bath pouf wasn't quite large enough to comfortably fit over my plants.

I heart decorating for Halloween (it's really the only holiday I go all out for), but the pouf is actually navy blue, not black, so that wouldn't have worked as well.

I decided to cut it into strips and crochet some kitchen scrubbers. Unfortunately, the fabric of the pouf had been weakened by the soap and the friction of being used for all those months in the shower. I cut it into strips and tried to crochet a round scrubber, but it kept breaking as I worked with it.

Soo... I ended up giving it to the cat as a toy.

Although the experiment had less than optimal results, I'm glad I attempted it, and I appreciate all of your votes and comments and suggestions. Next time, I can throw away my pouf without a pang of guilt, knowing that it is not worth trying to reuse.



  1. Your photo of the cat with the dismantled pouf made me giggle. :) Cute post!

  2. LOL! That was so great!! Thanks for sharing that!!!!


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