Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feeding My Inner Arsonist

Ok, so not really
I could never commit arson cuz, I actually don't like fire all that much. 
With that being said, Torching food is totally fun and way different than I expected.

I thought only professionals used a torch but, after purchasing one for my kitchen {mainly for my husband's use. He is amazing with food...the kitchen is his canvas!}
...its so simple an amateur or even beginner could use it!

The Orka Kitchen Torch is ideal for caramelizing & browning, Making it useful for a number of recipes! [And is a better alternative to the broiler.]
Here is a list {and links} to some recipes you can use a torch for:

* Toasting marshmallows on sweet potato casserole

* Baked Alaska [I love the individual sized servings made with cookies]

* Toasting meringue on  Lemon Meringue Pie

*melting/browning cheese on French Onion Soup

* Lighting candles in an outage 

There is sooo many things to do with a kitchen torch [I cant possibly list all of its uses] 

They definitely come in handy.
I strongly recommend having one amongst your other kitchen gadgets!
Have fun in your kitchen today!

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  1. Oh I've seen these before and always think they would be so much fun to have!!



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