Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Love Our Followers!

We have been members of Bloggerland for just over a month. We are thrilled to see we now have 101 Followers! Thank You for your support! We have loved getting to know fellow bloggers from across the globe. Being here with you all make our world seem small but wonderfully diverse! Thanks for your warm welcome!! I share the following story to commemorate how grand and diverse 101 can really be!

Four years ago while shopping at the local dollar store, I found Corning brand ramekins. I have seen sets of 4 ramekins go for up to $13. So paying $1 each was a great deal in my opinion. I called on my good friends, AmberLou and Lorie and told them of the great find. They made a quick trip to the store to pick up several as well.

My daughter, Amanda, was recently engaged and verbally voiced her concern over our getting excited over some “bowls”. I told her they were versatile and quite handy in a home. She rolled her eyes!

So as wedding planning came about, for Amanda’s bridal shower, I bought her a set of 6 ramekins and made a little booklet listing 101 things to do with a ramekin. She loved it! She loves her ramekins and can see the error of her young ways.

So here is the list…

Food Uses
1. Souffle
2. Soup bowl
3. Chicken Dumplings
4. Chicken Pot Pie
5. Steamed Veggies
6. Quiche
7. Chili with Cornbread Top
8. Rice Pudding
9. Potato Puff
10. Parfaits
11. Fruit Cup
12. Ice-cream Dish
13. Pudding
14. Potatoes and Gravy
15. Oatmeal/Cereal Bowl
16. Baby Food
17. Beef Pot Pie
18. French Onion Soup
19. Mini Rice Bowl
20. Applesauce
21. Creamed Corn
22. Individual Meatloaf
23. Egg and Cheese Muffins
24. Condiments(salsa, sour cream)
25. Poached egg
26. “Mud” with worms
27. Mammoth Muffins
28. Sundaes
29. Mini cakes
30. Jumbo "Paisley" cupcakes
31. Mini Pies
32. Large dinner rolls
33. Deep dish pie
34. Mini grasshopper pie
35. Tiny tarts
36. Bacon and cheese bundles
37. Mini cheesecakes
38. Popcorn for Lil’ hands
39. Candy dish
40. Marshmallow Bowl
41. Brownies ala mode
42. Mini scalloped potatoes
43. Single Serve of Chicken ale King
44. Tuna Casserole
45. Sticky buns
46. Cinnamon Roll
47. Side Salad
48. Jell-o with Whipped Cream
49. Pudding in a Cloud
50. Jell-o Jigglers
51. Strawberry Shortcake
52. Mini Cobbler
53. Drink of Water
54. Hot Cocoa
55. Mini Mexican Casserole
56. Peppermint tea
57. Scalloped Salmon
58. Layered Mexican Pie
59. Mold Taco Salad Bowls
60. Broccoli and Cheese Sauce
61. Baked Potato
62. Rice Krispie Bowl Mold
63. Butter Dish
64. Franks and Beans
65. Storage for Leftovers
66. Au Jus
67. Milk when dunking cookies
68. Whisking Egg Whites
69. Single-serve lasagna
70. More than enough chip holder

Non food Uses
71. Egg White and gel bowl (for hair)
72. Bean counter
73. Measuring Cup
74. Water small plants
75. Sorter
76. Crayon Shavings
77. Science Experiments
78. Jewelry holder
79. Potpourri Holder
80. Pocket change holder
81. Gerbil food dish
82. Bird feeder
83. Rinse paint brushes
84. Water down glue for art projects
85. Sand box toy
86. Candle holder
87. Mud pies
88. Paper clip holder
89. Float small candles
90. Marble/ Sea shell holder
91. Gather bugs for those Lil’ boys
92. Trap small rodents
93. Paint dish
94. Dandelion Water Dish
95. Hold first aid supplies
96. Hold beauty supplies
97. Use as a Hockey Puck
98. Clay Pigeon
99. Gather Rain Water
100. Hold Screws and Nails
101. Propagating seeds.

Wow! That was long. Thanks for reading it all. Have a beautiful Sunday!
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  1. I use mine almost exclusively for making individual baked flans. I put the burnt sugar in the bottom, add the custard and bake in a water bath. So good!

  2. I love all of your suggestions...clay pigeon not so much !!! I have enjoyed your blog!!! ...and don't you just love to see your adult child "see" what you've been telling her/him!!!

  3. I broke one of my ramekins. oh sad day!

  4. I own a few ramekins, but don't use them often. This list is great! Thanks!

  5. I am your newest follower from the blog hop!

    Hope you can come visit my blog

    Have a great day!


  6. what a great idea! LOOVE those! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome post. My husband always asks me what ramekins are for, I will have to share this list with him. Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday, see you soon!


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