Saturday, August 14, 2010

A crafter's dilemma

I like to use a bath pouf for my shower every day.

I go through one or two a year. They're very cheap - I never pay more than a dollar or so for them. When the old one is dead, I buy a new one and throw the old one away. But every time I do, I feel a little twinge. There's some good material there, you know? There must be something I could do with it!

A few days ago, my pouf fell apart and I bought a new one. But I laundered the old one and set it aside.

I decided to put it to our followers what I should do with it. So... what do you folks think? Is the pouf worth saving? (There are 5 yards of tubular netting/tulle/whatever those things are made of.) Or should I just toss it? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, then leave your suggestions for a craft or whatever in the comments. I promise to abide by the results of the poll. I'll post in a couple of weeks and let you know what I do with it.

Mahalo for your help!



  1. Hmmm...if you have a veggie garden, you could use the material as bird could sew them up into veggie and fruit bags to use when you go food shopping.
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  2. I would make it into a tutu for your cat! (he would love it!)

  3. I'm wondering if it could be pieced together to make a net swim or sand toy bag.

  4. I saw an idea for making faux flowers with tulle on another blog, its basically tulle after all. If you have a "bowdabra" im sure it would work!
    Good Luck with that

  5. I always think anything is worth keeping - even if it takes a long time to think of what to do with it! Some great ideas already! I never thought to keep mine before - but I will now! I look forward to seeing what you do with it!!

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    Have a great week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. mine fell apart awhile back is white...and I keep thinking I'm going to make a giant Santa clause and the poof will be his beard :) you could spray paint yours white!or you could definitely do some kind of t-shirt re-vamp with, ruffles?? thank you for linking up to MMM!

  7. What about cutting it in strips and using it to crochet a pot scrubber or a small basket? Seems do-able!

  8. I was going to suggest crocheting something, too, as Ellen did. What I would do is get some cotton yarn (like Sugar & Cream--it's available at Michael's and Walmart and pretty cheap). Then I'd cut the yarn into strips and crochet it in a double strand--part yarn, part scratchy stuff. Here is a simple circular pattern:
    Make two chains.
    Do 6 single crochets(holding the two strands together) into the second chain from the hook. (In other words, the first chain you made.)
    Chain one, and work back in the other direction: do a single right next to the chain you just made.
    Now make 2 SCs in each loop around until you have 12.
    Slip stitch into the starting chain, chain 1, then turn and go back the other way. Now you will make 2 chains in the next loop, then one chain. Repeat 2 in one loop and 1 in the next loop until you get to the end. You'll have 18 chains now.
    Slip stitch, make a chain and turn. Now you're going to do 2 chains in one, then one chain each in the next 2. Like this: 2-1-1, 2-1-1. You'll end up with 24.
    Just keep going around like this. You always start with 2 chains in one loop, but add an extra single crochet in each group. So you'll have 2 chains in one, then 1 single crochet in the next 3 to make 30. Then 2 in one and 1 in each of the next 4 to make 36. As you see, each round increases by 6. Just be sure to join each row with a slip stitch. You could also just keep doing this round-and-round but then you have to mark the beginnings.
    I hope you don't mind the little tutorial!

  9. Maybe barbie or doll tutus? Or use it on a wreath of some kinda??

  10. I'm seeing a cool Halloween wreath out of this! Spray paint a wreath base or even a cardboard shape black, gather it with a straight stitch and glue/wire this on then embellish for Halloween. Glittered black, orange, purple or even lime green bats, skulls, pumpkins, etc would look stunning against the black pouf.

  11. I see the Halloween thing too. Use it for the spider web with purple spiders on it. OR

    You can braid 3 of these and add rope handles to the ends and make a shower back scrubber out of it.

  12. I like the back scrubber idea. I could also see it as a "flower"-like adornment on a cute pair of flats. Just sew it, or glue it to some cute elastic to slide it on and off different pairs, or glue it to a pin back.

  13. How about using some of the material to make poufy bows and use clear fishing line to attach it to a hair barrette?

    I normally use my old one to clean the shower with. It does great work on soap gunk. But when it actually falls apart, I usually pitch it. Maybe I'll have to look at repurposing my next one.


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