Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun with Canvas

I have an abundance of canvas in my home because my husband {paints} in his spare time. I cannot paint...I am terrible! So I have taken to creating my own artwork with canvas. This is what I came up with......

I made this rather large piece to go above our headboard.

[ I tried playing with the flash...it didnt work too well. My room is NOT this orange:]

I mod podged  paper to the canvas and let it dry and then my husband and I each made a list of 10 reasons why we love eachother and then I printed them up on craft paper and added it to the dry board.

I then just embellished the canvas with ribbon, flowers...

and used my cricut to cut out our names and the word love.

It was a simple and heartfelt way to spruce up our domain. Its nice to look at and remember why we fell in love and why we still are after 4 years together.

The possibilities of making your home heartfelt are endless! 
Have fun using canvas to capture feelings, and memories!!!!
Happy Crafting.

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