Sunday, August 8, 2010

And the Winner Is...

My gluten free lemon bars were a BIG hit and I have to say
thank you  for sharing your comments!
I could not believe that traffic that the post had and will definitely be sharing more gluten free recipes in the future:)

Answers to a few questions I received:
1. Christy from Frugality & Crunchiness with Christy asked for suggestions to getting back to a gluten free diet. I must say that I never really struggled being gluten free because the alternative was being deathly ill. When I am contaminated with gluten I feel like I have the WORST stomach flu or food poisoning. I also get extremely fatigued making it impossible to keep up with my 2 year old! So I avoid gluten at ALL costs. However, some people dont get sick eating gluten even though they shouldn't which I can totally see why they still consume it. So, If I gave any advice it would be...start slowly! When people go gluten free it is so much easier to ween yourself than just cut it out cold turkey. {so I have heard.} Another suggestion is to keep a food diary. Seeing what I ate and how it made me feel really put things in perspective for me and ultimately led to my diagnosis of Celiac. GOOD LUCK GIRLY:)
2. Susan from CluckleBees asked if I had any other intolerances {that is the case in her family.}
I am surprised how many people with Celiac have other digestive issues! I am most definitely one of them. I am lactose intolerant and LIVE for Lactaid to get me through the day...I heart cheese:)
3. Rodney & Erin over at What is in your Spice Rack? asked if it was a healthier diet even if you dont have any gluten, wheat or dairy intolerance{s.}
I have heard mixed reviews on the subject. Some say its perfectly healthy to be gluten free without an intolerance. The Garmin's Men Pro Cycling Team goes gluten free during their season because they say it improves performance due to increased energy among other the article here. Its AWESOME!
However, Others say that gluten in good for you and that your body {unless allergic} needs gluten. So its really up to you to decide what works for your body.

I also wanted to add that Judy from Cranberry Morning has a fabulous gluten free dessert of her own that I am DYING to make! Check it out here.

And now for the moment you were all patiently waiting for...{drum roll please}
The winner {via} of
Is: Noelle! 
Congrats to Noelle whos Momma is gluten free:) Hope you both enjoy the cookbook!!

Thank you all for participating in our Giveaways...We are looking forward to doing an AWESOME giveaway when we reach 200 followers so sign up to follow if you dont already!
Have a great Sunday!

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