Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Reading

Holiday books have always been an asset in our home as the children were growing. Here is a little review of some of the Thanksgiving books our family has read over and over every November.

The board book that has been chewed slightly on the corners and had naps with babies in the crib.

This one was a favorite even after the kids got older because of its beautiful illustrations.

This book was the first one I bought for the holiday and proved to be a bit long for the toddlers - this is where I began 'pretending' to read the words but instead just told the story the pictures told.

My emerging readers loved the stories these Magic Tree House books tell. Who would have thought we would have to be on the waiting list to check it out of the library? But the kids were so excited to read it - it was worth the wait.

This book is actually 35 years old. I chose it from a book order in the 5th grade after a classroom unit on Native Americans. As a current high school teacher, I used it to illustrate Native American involvement in American literature. It evolved into lessons on Native American Legends and oral tradition.

I realize not all of the these books are historically accurate but they can instill a sense of being thankful for the goodness of others if presented to our children that way.

Just for fun books...
I love that stage when kids make-up silly, ridiculous jokes - this can steer them to ones where the punch-line makes sense - haha. Why is a couch like a turkey? Because they are both full of stuffing. bah ha ha!

This is a very fun book that has great illustrations with so much to take in and analyze. It is great to read and make comparisons to the actual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and can create a great dialogue with children.

One more for fun...
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Gladys Who?
Gladys Thanksgiving, aren't you?

I hope these books are available at your area library and you don't have to wait too long to check them out. Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Great finds. We have the Magic Treehouse one, but I will have to make a visit to the library to see if they have some others. I am ticked pink you shared this!


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