Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Painted Christmas Project

I found this adorable sign at Deseret Book that matched my Christmas decor PERFECTLY.

 However, I am too cheap to spend 30 dollars on myself at this gift giving time of year.
So, to put my {wanter} to rest, I made my own version using acrylic paint {it dries faster} and some canvas that I had laying around the house. I also used my cricut to cut out my letters.
This is the end result:

I decided that I wanted it to show more green color since I have a lot of red in other decor already. 
I took a paintbrush and started smearing the paint around. No perfection here! and when I had the border about straight I let it dry for about an hour...just to be sure it wasn't going to smear.
then {using the lid off a condiment in the fridge} I dipped the lid in the paint and used it like a stamp to get the circles in the border....then let it dry again.
I cut the saying out of paper with my cricut and mod podged it on.
It took me 30 minutes of painting and a couple hours of dry time. 
Easy homemade decor that didnt cost me a dime:]

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