Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspired by Others #4

This is more of a blatant rip-off than an "inspired-by", but I love, love, {love} the way Suzanne at Just Another Hang Up displays her grandkids' artwork!

So I made one. 

Instead of cork, I used sheet metal under fabric so I can attach my little guy's art with magnets, except on this one...

I halved wine corks and hot glued them to the frame backing (painted to match the frame) so I do have one spot that is {thumbtack-able}

I hung the frames low enough (and with magnets) so my 4-year old can hang his artwork and preschool work by himself.

My current favorite piece of art is the second from the right, which the artist has named "A Flashlight and the Dark". Budding {genius}

<3 AmberLou

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  1. That is fantastic! I bet your kids are super excited to fill the frames up!


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