Monday, October 4, 2010

Lovely Log Bench

I love this bench I made with my husband. Love, love, love, love it!

Want to make one? It's pretty... um... hard, and it requires a lot of specialty tools, but here's how! 

Step 1:
Take your chainsaw out into the forest and cut down a {dead} tree. Or two. (You probably need a permit) Really.

(And yes, I used the chainsaw! We have a little pact: he taught me to use the chainsaw; I'm teaching him to sew!)

(You can also buy logs from a logging company, which is where we got the logs for the legs and plank for the seat.) 
Skip peel the logs with a draw knife, removing all of the rough exterior bark and leaving some of the inner bark - however much you think looks cool. (To me, less bark is definitely more!)

(skip peeling)
(Yes, I know I am not wearing proper PPE, but I don't love shoes.)

Step 2:
Prepare the base of the bench for assembly. The plank for the seat is 18"x 48"x 3". We drilled holes 3" in from each corner for the legs with a 1.25" forsner bit, cut the legs 20" and cut the tops with a 1.25" tenon cutter to fit in the drilled holes. 

(tenoning the legs)

Then cut the bracing, tenoned the ends and fit them to the legs.

Forsner bit:

Tenon cutter: 

(It's like a great big {pencil} sharpener for your drill! You can get forsner bits and tenon cutters from Rockler)

(When working with logs, you have to do a lot of eyeballing and guesstimating. It is hard for me to do this, since I am usually an OCD perfectionist freak, but since no two logs are the same, I have to let go!)

Step 3:

Assemble the base. I counter-sank lag screws to hold the legs securely to the seat, then he attached all the other joints with Gorilla Wood Glue. 
Let dry overnight!

Step 4:
We found an awesome curved limb to use for the top of the back. 

The end pieces were tenoned extra long to fit through the top, and the 5 spindles and the arms were cut to fit.

 We glued it all together with Gorilla Wood Glue, (hurry! the moisture from the glue makes the wood expand slightly, and with this project, we had very {little} wiggle room! oh, and you totally need a craft spotter for this step! It is a two-person job!)

Then I made plugs from a scrap piece of log to cover the lag screws using a hole saw, and glued them in place. Because we used the same wood, it will be virtually {invisible} once it is sanded down. 

Hole saw:

Let dry overnight! (again)

Step 5: 
Sand. Sand some more. Keep sanding! (Including the plugs. Sand them down level with the seat)

Step 6:
Apply several coats of finish. We used Deft Clear Wood Finish over the whole bench; applying several coats allover, and twice as many as that on the seat. 

Step 7: 
Stick your beautiful bench in your garden and enjoy the last few days of {fall}!


I have had bunches of emails asking for more information on the tools used for this project. So I feel I must add a disclaimer: I don't own these tools! They are quite expensive, so I borrowed them from my FIL. I also called around, and you can rent tenon cutters, forsner bits and the like from most all-purpose rental places. (You know the kind, they rent everything from chainsaws to nacho-cheese fountains) The one in my town rents them for less than $10 per day.  So if you're interested in making this project, or one like it, look into that before you put out a lot on $$ for tools you may not use that often!

P.S. again - my bench made the Top 10 on the DIY Club (So exciting!) and a guy emailed me wanting to buy it... *giggle*! 

<3 AmberLou

This is my entry for October's Party @ the DIY Club.

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  1. WOW...I loved this post...As a DIYer, I had wondered how you made things like this...and you did an excellent job explaining the tools and the jobs they do!!! Thank you!!!

  2. what an adorable bench AND cat!! the kitty looks very happy with his bench and pumpkin. Well done!

  3. Of course Rosie had to get into the pic! I love the bench. But I think you made up some of those words...

  4. Wow! That's amazing! You did a great job!

  5. OH my! I love, love, love this! You did a fantastic job...a great tutorial and photos. Thanks for entering at the diy club!

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  7. You two are very talented DIYer's.
    Joyce M

  8. This turned out fantastic! Wish I had some of these tools, I'd be on a roll!

  9. WOW! That is some serious craft work there! You could sell those! It's beautiful and even more wonderful because you made it with your hubby! I'm following you now! =)

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  14. What a totally awesome bench - and made with love! This looks marvelous. I always like that rustic look.

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  16. I love it too!!! You both have done a great work!!!
    greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

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  24. It is a cute bench but you might want to consider using wood that is already fallen down rather than cutting down a dead tree as wildlife use them for food and habitat.
    Michele, Oregon

  25. Ok, this one is amazing! I've always wanted to work somehow with branches so I'll be rereading your post a few times over. Gorgeous design for this bench! You two make a great team. :)


  26. Oh my is that adorable or what! I just stumbled onto your blog when I was at Funky Interiors. I am originally from Alaska and when I saw the adorable bench in the picture I just had to come and see!!!!!!! Then to find the instructions!!!!!!!! You are so it! I live on a farm now in Kansas and we have cedar trees..........hmmmmm......I am thinkin......I need one real bad..........honey.......where is the chainsaw.......!?

    Thank you for being so generous and showing us step by step. Merry CHRISTmas to me!
    Blessings from the farm,

  27. Fabulous job. LOVE the final pic with the pumpkins and Halloween kitty! :)

  28. This is awesome! My husband made a bench a couple of years ago...I am going to show him this though, I love it!

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  37. Amber Lou, What a fabulous bench! I love the raw wood look. Fantastic tutorial too! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

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