Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweater Conversion

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There are fewer things that I love more than refashioning, or as my husband puts it "cutting apart perfectly good clothes... blah blah"

I knew he wouldn't mind this project though, 
because he {hates} this cardigan!

I'm a redhead, and I'll admit that it's not my best color, but his dislike of this sweater seems totally irrational to me!


I love, love, LOVE sweater dresses on babies! 

and I have a baby girl...

I saw that the Iron Crafter's "Secret Ingredient" was sweaters... 

and I am so in love with the end result I could {die}!!!

First I got a knit shirt that is a bit big for my girl to use as a pattern

I cut out 2 pieces to use as the front and back, the whole length of the sweater.

Then I sewed them together along the sides and at the shoulders

the sleeves of the original cardigan had this super cute button detail that I totally wanted to keep

so I lined up the sleeve of the baby sized shirt, with this along the top
and cut out the sleeves.

I sewed the sleeves into a tube, and attached them to the dress

here it is inside out...

Lastly I made the neck. I took the last piece of trim from around the bottom of the sweater and sewed it into a tube

and sewed it to the dress to make a little turtleneck!

I hand-sewed a few of the buttons from front of the old sweater onto the turtleneck to keep it from rolling up

I had to restrain myself from waking up the baby to try it on her...

(she woke up on her own eventually...)

I think this is my favorite refashioning project EVER!

p.s. I used a women's size Large for this project, and the end result is about 9-12 month size with very little left-over. If you make a sweater dress from this tutorial, please link it to our flickr group; I would LOVE to see it!

<3 AmberLou

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  1. This is wonderful! Great job! I love your blog. :)

  2. I am with you, little girls in sweater dresses are just too precious. I love it.

  3. Oh my gosh this is adorable!!

    This week is my blog anniversary and I'm hosting a week's worth of great giveaways. Feel free to stop by if you'd like!

  4. That is sooo cute! Great job on the design. :)

  5. Adorable and clever. What a cute model you have for inspiration!!

  6. Really cute! i'm also an iron crafter this round- following you now!

  7. very cute! Reminds me of the ones I drool over from Gymboree or Hanna Andersson.

  8. I love this!! I also have a baby girl and I will have to try this !!

  9. This is precious and your baby girl is gorgeous! Such beautiful eyes! I have a sweater I loved that has a teeny little hole in it that I can't get rid of because I just knew I would find something to do with it and now I have! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  10. This is so sweet! I love the darling pics of your daughter--looks like she may be teething :).

  11. OMGoodness! That is absolutely precious. Great idea!

  12. No Way! That is completely adorable. I would have never guessed anyone could do that to a sweater! You daughter is just a doll and the sweater looks lovely on her! Nice job!

  13. I am SO in love with this sweater dress. Just AMAZING! Lovely lovely! I'm featuring this tomorrow night on my Topsy Turvy Tuesday's. Thanks for linking up again.

  14. that is way cute!!! she looks all warm and toasty... and most importantly... STYLISH!


  15. OMG! Too cute! What a great recycle!

  16. I really love your sweater dress. And I voted for you over at Iron Crafter!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  17. This is super cute! I can't wait to try this.

  18. She looks precious! She almost looks like a Charlie Brown Character. And I mean that with all the love in my heart. Adorable.
    I am just getting starting blogging - began a couple of months ago.
    Stop by and say hello!

  19. This is awesome!! Please add to my linky party....and giveaway!


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