Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Wreath

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday!
I love to decorate for the holiday...indoor and out.

I made a coffee filter wreath for the front door and I am sold!
It was super easy to make and FAST!
 Plus, I think it turned out cute so, all my front door wreaths are going to be made this way from here on out.

To make this wreath you will need:
- 2 pkg.s of coffee filters
- one foam wreath
- hot glue gun/ glue sticks
- paint/ paintbrush
- ribbon to hang 

First, I pulled all the coffee filters apart....

Then, I crumpled up the bottom...

And glued to the wreath, relatively close together.
I wanted it to be extra full.

I did about three "rows" around the wreath, to get the look I wanted.
And then it was mostly finished!
It took about 20 minutes from start to finish...not bad!

Using a paintbrush and selected colors,
I dipped the brush and gently brushed it across the top of the filters.
I did it uniformly to look like a flag but, next time I want to get a little creative and do some funky tie dye...maybe for a summery wreath or a purple and orange and black one for Halloween.

When it was finished drying I added the ribbon and this was the end result.

{yes, I am aware that my door trim needs painted...it on my list to do!}

There are endless possibilities with coffee filters.
I LOVE using them!
You you have done a project using them please leave a comment with you link.
We would love to feature you!

Enjoy your Fourth!


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  1. I LOVE coffee filter projects! May have to tackle this one today! Thanks for sharing!!!


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