Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Banner

I am thinking Miss H should be a guest poster here on Paisley. I am always featuring HER work rather than my own. However, please note, the idea is MINE, the creativity of a toddler is what makes it cute!

Miss H - with Oma's scissor help (and not so great graphic art help) - made a cute and inexpensive banner for Daddy to celebrate his special day on Sunday. Note...the theme is fishing...just in case it got lost in the translation.

We hung it up for pictures and then hid it away until Sunday morning.

Bags of microwave popcorn are covered, candy-bar wrapper style, in Miss H's favorite color 'RAINBOW' featuring how to say 'daddy' in several languages. The fish are colored to be specific breeds of fish (are they called breeds?).

Another popcorn with a computer generated wrapper.

A candy bar printed with clip art for Miss H to personalize before wrapping and attaching to the banner.

This is a 'Rainbow Catfish' just in case you weren't aware of that species, hehe.

You may have noticed in the first photo, the center of the banner has a large green Ticket Admitting One to a fishing trip with Dad.

I guarantee Dad will love this banner A) because Miss H made it B) He has treats to take on a fishing trip C) He will be EXPECTED to go fishing with his girls who have their own poles - oh poor him, hehe.

This only cost the price of the candy bars and popcorn. Inexpensive, but made with priceless LOVE!

Happy Father's Day to all and Happy Fishing to Daddy Moser!

~jan (and Miss H).

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