Saturday, June 18, 2011

Front Door Decor

Recently, in our whereabouts, there have been some disturbing events that have taken place in homes that have opened their front doors to...
 door to door salesmen/soliciters.

I have wanted to make a NO SOLICITING sign for quite some time.
They are ruthless in these parts.
Just the other day, I had a man stop by and knock for like 10 minutes before giving up and leaving.
It kind of made me uncomfortable so...I finally did it!

I made a sign using supplies I had lying around the house.
-an old picture frame {I painted it.}
-craft paper
-mod podge

In minutes I had the frame painted, the cardboard cut at 8x10 size and cover with craft paper and letters.
I mod podged the top of the craft kind of weatherizes the paper so that when it rains, it doesnt get ruined.

I placed the cardboard into frame and hot glued ribbon onto the back of the frame so I could hang it...

and TA-DA!
An original and personalized 'no soliciting' sign:

I like that it also covers the window in my front door.
No peeking in!
Make your own no soliciting sign and stop potential crimes from being committed.


  1. I would have been less polite... "Take off Hosers!"

  2. Amanda I love it....I need to make another one for my door. Thanks for the idea!


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