Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy's Stuffie Birthday!

A little belated, but Happy Birthday to my one and only girl! Amanda had her birthday last Saturday. I had the pleasure of babysitting the grandbaby while Amanda and her sweetheart went to dinner - 175 miles away. So we used this book of sewing ideas to come up with a home sewn gift for mom.

Miss H is just barely 3 and LOVES coloring...moreso drawing! A few fabric markers and taped down cloth were the perfect way to begin a project with this little artist!

She drew a picture if Dad, Mom and herself ( I love the giant head and simple limb stage of development when drawing people )Miss H was very aware that each person is different and different colors were a MUST! Trust me on that, really!

We "cured" the marker color in the dryer and then cut out, stitched and stuffed our very first "stuffie". We popped it into a beautiful pink gift box and presented it to mom! Good news...she loved it!

(Good thing...cuz Miss H couldn't stop at drawing just one and Mother's Day is right around the corner,shh ;D)
Happy Stuffing!

I have linked to some of the parties we have listed. Thanks ladies for hosting such fun parties.


  1. LOL!!!! I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH!!!!!!

  2. Seriously love this idea!!! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  3. Oh Jan - what a super fun idea. I love Miss H's art! I'm sure it is something that will be treasured forever!

  4. Hey there I am your newest follower! Hope you stop by to see me. Your blog is way too cute!!


  5. Oh how adorable! It just makes me smile. I'm a grandma, too and love to create with the grands. I'm going to copy this one!

    New follower from It's Fun to Craft.



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