Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Gluten Free Happy Meal

Recently, It was brought to my attention that I have been poisoning my beautiful 3 year old with the very same ingredient that altered my digestion for 23 years...gluten.

I was immediately struck with panic & fear that no one seemed to understand. The general response was "at least you know what your doing" or "so lucky your already gluten free!"
I do not in any way feel lucky! I have been gluten free for 2 years and have learned to cook for myself, an adult.

But, a gluten free child is a WHOLE new ball park. Birthday parties, school treats/lunch, Halloween and the beloved Happy Meal have been snatched from my toddler and it overwhelms me with how to compensate for her genetics.

So I did some searching...and decided I should move to Sweden, or rather move back, since it is where my family is originally from. Yes, it is true....you can walk into any McDonald's {or Burger King} and order your burger on a GLUTEN FREE BUN!!!


But, since moving isn't really an option, I found a bloggin' mama who has been there, done that and I HAD to share what I WILL be doing for my daughter!

Heidi from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom loves to confuse the McD's staff by buying all the fixin's for a happy meal...minus all the food. {luckily, I have siblings that work there!} and fills them with her own GF chicken nuggets and french fries.

 Did you know you could go to McDonald's and just buy the toy? People do it all. the. time.

My totally cool Mother posted awhile back a YUMMY chicken nugget recipe that is a MUST inside the chicken nuggets box!

My husband works for the plant that actually makes the french fries that McDonald's serves and can buy them in bulk from his work for a fraction of the price. {Perks of being an employee!} So Miss H gets the real deal at home minus the cross contamination! {although I will say, the french fries at the restaurant have never made me ill, that I'm aware of.}

Throw in a toy and juice box and you have yourself a homemade gluten free happy meal.

It may seem like a bit more work than visiting the drive-through but, its totally worth the smile from your GF child!

We link to these parties.


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