Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patricks Day Menu

For years we have celebrated St. Patty's Day with green food at Breakfast and Dinner (the kids had lunch at school). I want to share my typical menu - although it changes with crazy whims on occasion - but this is pretty close to the typical. You don't have to be a master cook to cook a green meal. Green food coloring is your friend for this holiday!

Green Scones with butter and honey
Green colored milk - when the kids were young, I blamed it on a leprechaun:)

After school snack:

Hostess Green Sno-balls OR
Lime Sherbet/vanilla yogurt smoothies

Green Chicken Pillows (also called bundles, bread filled with chicken and cream cheese mixture and then baked. Take a look at THIS recipe on It is very similar - except mine are GREEN of course.

Green Chicken Cordon Bleu Sauce-to go over pillows.
Green peas
Lime jello and whipped cream parfaits.
Lime flavored Kool-aid (the only time we buy Kool-aid!)

Chocolate Mint Dessert OR
Grasshopper Pie (so pretty when made in a spring form pan. I like to put a layer of hot fudge on the crust then the ice cream and zig-zags of hot fudge over the top)

I make my favorite bread recipe and add green food coloring. The recipe I use I make the night before and it rises in the fridge overnight. It is used for the scones and also the chicken pillows.

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  1. That is amazing! I was thinking I'd be pretty happy with myself if I handed green milk to my three year old :)

    Those chicken pillows sound awesome..


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