Monday, March 28, 2011

Facing Anxieties

I like to think that I Fear No Craft! (Because I am very {brave}, you see.)

I admit I have been a tiny bit apprehensive (not scared!) about a few aspects of quilting. Pinwheels and free-motion quilting. They just look scary intimidating!

I decided to combine them into one project, and get over it. 

Ms. Amanda's little girl had a birthday recently, and I made a little doll quilt for her with this pattern. 

This pattern ends up being 18x18, and I made it entirely out of scraps. 

Pinwheels? Piece o' cake. Free-motion quilting? So fun! 

I will be doing both of these again very soon, and now I'm looking for something else that frightens bothers me to try out! 

My daughter tries out the quilt... guaranteed to keep even the chilliest of dollies cozy!

<3 AmberLou

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