Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Can Sew!

My son had a teen-living class last trimester. One assignment was to sew a pillowcase, which he put off until the last day of the tri. So he was whipping one out under pressure at the last critical minute - he has a habit of this and I hide my face in shame to say he came by this unfortunate trait quite honestly.

His only requirments were to make one to actually fit a pillow he owned, use a straight seam, a zig-zag seam and iron open the seams and the finished project.

So here he is... Sewing his straight seam.

Measuring his hem. He had to improvise because his unorganized mom couldn't find her seam gauge. He was appalled he couldn't just 'eye-ball it'. (Another bad inherited trait - yikes)

Ironing the finished product. You can see his very straight zig-zag top-stitching done in white.

His precise measuring and slow guided stitching paid-off! His teacher raved about his great job and was so frustrated with him when she found out this wasn't the first sewing project he had done. But seriously, he is 15 and so very cool, how would that have looked to admit that in class with his posse (and harem) looking on?

Happy Sewing!

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