Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I am currently doing The Master Cleanse
For personal reasons, It sounded like a good option for me. Its supposed to clean out toxins and some people have said it helped with their food intolerance's, which I have a few...Its too early to say if its working but, if anything, it will convince me that I do have some self control :)

When I get off this crazy ride I fully intend on having myself a "free day" once a week or so, to eat some delicious treats that life shouldn't go without!
I thought I would share these YUMMY goodies with y'all so you can taste for yourself the wonderful-ness of splurging, cheating or whatever it is you call taking a break from our endless detoxes and diets that we as women put ourselves through.

This recipe totally tickles my taste buds and 
I am sooo happy that Judy from Cranberry Morning shared this with me. 
Check out the link for the'll be glad you did.

The taste combination{s} are AMAZING! 
I heart ice cream. Its not too heavy so I don't feel like a pig when I eat it,
[as long as I don't eat the whole container!] 
Again, check out the link for the recipe...Ashlie & Alfred rocked my world with this one;)

I seriously LOVE making no-bake cookies. 
These are easy and SUPER yummy....a nice break from the chocolate-y ones I usually make. 
You just gotta check this link out! 
This is just one of the crazy good recipes Liz has to offer!

A special thanks to these bloggers for sharing their divine recipes.
Keep doing what your doing...for the taste buds!
Lotsa Love,


  1. Thanks for featuring my blog on your post today! :-) Do you have an 'I was Featured on The Paisley Cupcake' button I could add to my sidebar? Just an idea. :-)

    thanks again so much!

  2. yes we do! The featured button is up under the 'grab our buttons{s} bar:)
    Please, everyone take one that was featured today.


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