Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Cute Valentines Gift

Last year, I wanted to do something on Valentines day for my daughter's Oma & Uncles.
She just loves them to death!
So I got crafty with:
-empty glass soda bottles [and the carrier thay came in.]
-craft paper and supplies.
-V-day candy

I covered each bottle with paper and ribbon and made a tag with each initial of my mom & siblings so they knew which was theirs.
I then filled them with assorted red, pink & white candies. [wash the bottles out first!]

I painted the 'Dads Root Beer' case with red paint just so it would cover any place where there wasn't any paper.
After it was dry, I decorated the case with paper and replaced the bottles and wall-ah. It was so simple and easy to make but it was adorable and a non-traditional way to deliver your Valentines treat.

Some candy that fit down the long neck bottle are:
-any kind of M&M's
-candy corn
-red hot candies
- candy hearts
There are too many too list.
You dont have to stick to the color theme in the candy if you dont want:)


  1. What a cute idea! This is very unique and personal.

  2. I love that idea! Very cute!

  3. cute packaging idea! I hope you'll stop by and share it at this week's Pretty Packages Party!




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