Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Baby Handprints

Phew! And we're back! Happy February, everyone! 

I've missed being here. A lot! Weddings, funerals, and missionary farewells are {hopefully} done for the year. 

For Christmas each year since my son was born, he has (well, I have) made a hand print gift for my Mom. 

For his first Christmas, we made her a t-shirt with a reindeer

For his second Christmas, we made a giraffe painting, and we've stuck with framed paintings in the years since. 

Third Christmas

Fourth Christmas

This year we deviated from the jungle theme, and made an undersea painting, and added his baby sister's footprint (the squid) to make it a family affair.

This has been a sweet gift for Tutu (grandma), even though it makes us all a little sad to see how much his little hands are growing!

I found this blog useful for hand and footprint art ideas. I found it very useful to glob the paint onto hands and feet instead of dipping and stamping. I used regular non-toxic acrylic paint, and it washed off very easily. As my boy got bigger, he was able to finger paint the other elements (grass, trees, the sun) by himself, which of course makes him so proud.

<3 AmberLou

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  1. I love this so much! My daughter loves finger painting and this is a great idea to have fun and make a meaningful picture. Thanks!


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