Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Yay! We have been honored to receive the award...

This comes to us from Jamie at C.R.A.F.T!
Thank you so much for your kindness Jamie!

Now, to pass along the award...
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 5 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

5 things about ~jan
1. I enjoy organizing kitchen cupboards.
2. I love to create from stuff I already have at home.
3. I cannot whistle or snap my fingers.
4. I love to garden but complain continually about it.
5. I can pinch a penny and turn it into a dime... so I've been told.

My 5 blogs who are inspiring
1. Babblings from Brooke
2. Bags by Bre
3. The Magic Onions
4. Jellywares
5. Junkrestore

Thanks again Jamie... ~jan


  1. Thank you so much... I'm honored, it's so kind of you to pass this along to me :-)
    Your blog is wonderful too... I can see why you were chosen.
    It has a gorgeous look to it and I LOVE your banner.
    Blessings and magic,

  2. Thank you so much for the award!


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