Thursday, July 7, 2011

Idaho Staycations

My youngest son and I have talked about going on a vacation this year. However, with economic set backs in recent months I was leery about spending too much on a vacation. So we decided to have a few short trips in our surrounding Southern Idaho and get to know more about this great state!

My ancestry homesteaded in Star Valley, Wyoming area so the first staycation with Amanda and Miss H began there. Then last week, said son and I went to Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, ID. Having had a very wet spring has increased water flow to the highest level in 10 years. These pictures just don't do it justice.

Click on the picture to enlarge it...

Also near the falls is the Evel Knievel jump site - if you are old enough to remember his death defying jumps this may interest you. My teen-aged children have always found this intriguing - they are all boys!!

Some other great places to visit when coming to Idaho...

-Bear Lake - south of Montpelier
-National Oregon/California Trail Center at Montpelier
-Minnetonka Caves near St. Charles
-Mormon Tabernacle in Paris
-Geyser Park in Soda Springs (only captive Geyser in the world)
-Chesterfield Historic Town Site a restored town site from 1880.
-Mineral Hot Pools in Lava Hot Springs
-Fort Hall replica in Pocatello
-Bannock County Museum in Pocatello
-Idaho Natural History Museum at I.S.U in Pocatello
-Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum - Fort Hall
-Idaho Potato Expo in Blackfoot
-Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls (currently the BODIES exhibit is there)
-Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve near Arco
-Climb Borah Peak
-Ski Sun Valley, Targhee, Kelly Canyon, Pomerelle etc.
-Minidoka Internment National Monument (relocation site for interned Japanese)located between Twin Falls and Jerome.

There is also an abundance of fishing, camping, hiking, white water rafting and mountain biking places to visit. As a non-traditional student in college, I took an geology class that opened my eyes to the place I had lived for 30 years. There is a wealth of geologic treasures to be seen in Idaho. I think I am sounding like a PSA or a Chamber of Commerce ad - so I will leave it there. But...many of these places are just off the freeway and so easy to find. I look forward to a few more stops while going on our own staycations.

Leave me a message and tell me your favorite place to staycation near your hometown, I will put it on the list of places to visit!!
Happy exploring!

PS... A couple websites to visit...
Look for historical markers Here!


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  2. Folks here staycation in Waikiki or Maui. My favorite was Kauai though... ;-)


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